Is your home easy to show?

Posted: March 12, 2012 in local agent, lock box, Short Sales, show home
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I’ve encountered a lot of roadblocks, showing property lately.  I have buyers that are driving in from the desert, so their time here is limited.  When I attempt to make appointments to show them homes, a lot of the homes do not have lock boxes, so we agents are dependent on either the seller or the agent to grant us access.  When I call to set the appointment, I hear from the homeowner, “we’ll be gone all weekend,” or from the listing agent “I’m in Pasadena, and I have appointments that day.”  If this is a standard sale and the seller is not very motivated to sell their home, maybe this is somehow acceptable.  However, if it’s a short sale and the foreclosure clock is ticking, it could be a fatal mistake.  I understand some people don’t want a lock box, but a seller is shooting themselves in the foot when they choose that route.  You can’t be home 24/7 to show your home.  Also, the busiest day of the week to show property is Sunday, followed by Saturday, and you’re going to be gone all weekend?  And if you work during the week, you have reduced your chances of showing your home to next to nothing.  If you choose an out-of-area agent, unless they’re partnering with a local agent to help market your property, this agent is thinking of themselves instead of their seller.  The trifecta of failed home showings is: (1) no lock box; (2) an out-of-area agent; and (3) a seller that’s not available to show their home.  A huge advantage when hiring a local agent is that they can show your home within minutes of a phone call.  As much as we would like to have appointments set the day prior, buyers are excited and people’s time is limited, so sometimes they call us and want to see a home on short notice.  Sometimes, they’re actually sitting in front of the house!  While it’s not always possible to accommodate these types of showings, it’s in the sellers’ best interest to be as accommodating as possible.

When I call an agent or a seller and they aren’t available to show their property, I have to fight the urge to say “don’t you want to sell your home?”  I don’t know why they make such complicated showing arrangements.  Are their agents too timid to tell them what they need to do to get their home sold?   If an agent can’t get his or her buyers into your home to show it, they’re simply going to pass it by and show their buyers other properties.  One more thing, please understand that when an agent is setting appointments to show property, they have made an appointment with their buyer during a specific time slot.  We are laying out the selected properties in geographical order, then we attempt to set the appointments in that order.  If an agent asks to show your home at 10:00, and you tell him you can show it at 2:30, that simply will not work, and your house will not get shown.  I know it’s not always possible to be flexible, but just know that you are significantly limiting the showing of your home.  The bottom line is that you must do everything you can, within reason, to make it easy for buyers to see your home.

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